US Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick’s Litmus Test Has Arrived: The Articles of Impeachment Against President Donald J. Trump

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US Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) is a rare voice of moderation, bipartisanship and decency in the United States Congress. BUT, he is also a former FBI agent and a fierce defender of the US national security. He understands sedition and crimes against the United States. But is he strong enough to resist partisanship now?

Honorable Congressman Fitzpatrick,

There are moments in the history of time when men and women of integrity and decency could come together to do right by the people of a nation and the world — and for the future’s sake. These moments are litmus tests of our characters.

The events of Wednesday 1/6/2021 pose precisely this scenario for you, as a member of the United States House of Representatives and as my family’s Representative in Congress.

When the man, named donald j. trump, the duly elected president of the United States, is so unhinged as to directly incite a violent mob of domestic terrorists to attack the United States Capitol building, in an attempt to subvert a US election, YOU MUST RISE IN DEFENSE!

When a seditious mob assaults and vandalizes America’s living and breathing shrine to the most exceptional constitutional democracy in history, YOU MUST RISE IN DEFENSE!

When an officer of the United States Capitol Police force is murdered by seditious terrorists and white supremacists wielding the confederate flag in the hallowed halls of the Capitol, incited by the president of the United States, YOU MUST RISE IN DEFENSE!

Congressman, I know that your credentials and history, as established by my friend US Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick before you, are that of a moderate, bipartisan and cooperative member. As such, I know that you have always been cautious about, and reluctant to make too many waves. You are a moderate. But, your day to speak up loudly and clearly has arrived!

Wednesday January 6, 2021 is your litmus test Rep. Fitzpatrick— will you tow the party line, or will you stand outside of politics and discharge your sworn duty to check the executive branch in defense of the United States against an unhinged president?

For if you do not RISE UP IN DEFENSE of the United States, today, by immediately and urgently endorsing the Articles of Impeachment against donald j. trump, your silence will be tantamount to acceptance and complacency in the face of sedition against the United States. Your moderation in the face of what happened this week in Washington DC, will be complacency.

Congressman, as your constituent and a long-standing friend to the Fitzpatrick name and legacy in federal government, I must ask that you represent the voices of the many constituents in Bucks County, and millions of Americans, appalled and disgusted by trump’s sedition. For, today, is a litmus test of your acuity of vision and commitment to the defense of the United States and her Constitution as a legislator and member of Congress.

I pray that you do not fail at upholding your oath — and I am nearly certain that my good friend Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick would not tolerate the treason we witnessed on Wednesday from the dangerous man who still occupies the Oval Office and commandeers the executive branch — two days after inciting the most atrocious attack on the United States Capitol, as well as, the murder of one of its Police officers.

The ball, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick, is in your court now - as a member of the United States congress. Let your constituents, and Americans across the nation, take measure of the strength of your character.

I ask that you consider: To tolerate the sedition definitively committed by donald j. trump, would be an historic error and act of cowardice on the part of any member of congress who bore witness to the attack this president incited on our democratic process.

I pray for your clarity and for the Fitzpatrick brand of integrity and courage to come shining through — again.

In friendship and in remembrance of my good friend Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA),

Hooman Noorchashm MD, PhD.

Hooman Noorchashm MD, PhD is a physician-scientist. He is an advocate for ethics, patient safety and women’s health. He and his 6 children live in Pennsylvania.

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