Breakthrough Infections Or Spoiled COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines?

mRNA is very unstable. So it is highly likely that many spoiled and, thus, ineffective mRNA vaccine doses are being administered to Americans who then incorrectly assume they are “fully vaccinated” and, thus, immune.

At room temperature, mRNA spoils far more rapidly than milk. With millions of mRNA vaccine doses going into arms in many different settings and administered by many different people, it’s highly likely that a significant fraction of the doses going into people’s arms are suboptimal or spoiled and, therefore, ineffective.

No biologically active product has a ZERO spoil rate.

The more unstable a product is, the more consistent and specialized handling is required to prevent it from spoiling before it is used by the consumer.

Milk is a perfect example. Leave a Gallon of milk out at room temperature for a few hours or a day and it’s spoilt.

mRNA is kind of like milk. Except it is far more unstable and falls apart very quickly at room temperature and even in a refrigerator. We’re talking on the order of minutes to hours.

Most folks remember at the beginning of the COVID-19 vaccine campaign, there was a lot of talk about mRNA stability and the need for special freezer units and even National Guard deployment with freezers.

But all that talk suddenly and magically disappeared. As if mRNA is suddenly stable enough in a refrigerator.

But again, we should call bullshit exactly that: BULLSHIT!

We really ought to be skeptical. Because millions of doses of the mRNA vaccines have been delivered to millions of trusting Americans’ arms at many different places and by many different people with different levels of technical skill and conscientious handling.

So it is more than highly likely that a fraction of the mRNA vaccine doses were not handled with adequate caution and were deactivated and spoiled prior to entering the arms of people they were administered to.

What happens when a person gets a dose of mRNA vaccine with spoiled mRNA in it? Well, exactly NOTHING!

Spoiled mRNA cannot elicit an effective immune response to SARS-SoV-2 spike protein. It’ll be like getting a placebo shot.

So, literally, “fully vaccinated” people getting these spoiled doses will NOT be “fully immunized”. AND with millions of citizens being vaccinated, it’s a statistical certainty that some will even receive two spoiled shots and be left totally unimmunized — despite being “fully vaccinated”.

Now, I don’t know what the spoilage rate will be for the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. But an intelligent estimate is that somewhere in the range of 1–10% of the mRNA vaccine doses going into arms are either partially or fully spoiled. And with millions of Americans vaccinated, THAT is a huge number of people unsafely assuming they are immune.

The question is, like with any other product, can the consumer actually assess whether the vaccine has effectively worked for them by inducing a good immune response.

The answer is YES!

But it’s shocking to know that the United States Food and Drug Administration, on May 19, 2021, issued a guidance discouraging people from checking their COVID-19 antibody levels after vaccination. The FDA commissioner, Dr. Janet Woodcock, even tweeted about it. This is such a stark piece of anti-science coming out of the FDA, it’s frankly jaw dropping!

But, why is that — why would FDA behave this way?

Could it be that FDA and Pfizer/Moderna are aware that on the order of 10% of the millions of mRNA vaccine doses being administered to Americans will be spoiled and elicit little to no immune response?

Is it possible that if Americans were to routinely check their antibody levels after vaccination, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of our countrymen would come face to face with a shocking reality: THAT despite being fully vaccinated, they are NOT immune?

My impression is that the May 19 guidance from FDA discouraging antibody testing is anther misguided attempt at fighting “vaccine hesitancy” — but it is fundamentally based on the expert class running our government having disdain and mistrust of every day American people’s intelligence.

That is, FDA “experts” believe that if up to 10% of Americans were to become aware that the vaccine is NOT making them immune, this inefficacy will cause people to lose faith in the vaccine and exacerbate the problem of hesitancy.

But, in truth, government non-transparency, trickery and a disrespect for people’s intelligence is the greatest source of vaccine hesitancy.

With “vaccine breakthrough” cases on the rise now, it’s possible and likely that news variants are bypassing the vaccine’s immunity. BUT it is also critically important for America to ensure that all fully vaccinated Americans have actually mounted a proper immune response to the vaccine. Because “breakthrough cases” could be happening in a substantial number of inadequately immune people, amongst the “fully vaccinated”.

Checking for adequate immunity after vaccination is very easy to do, if only the Biden administration would open the door of access to antibody testing for any American who wished to determine if their vaccine has worked for them.

The first step would be for the Biden administration and FDA to revise and remove their irrational and dangerous May 19 guidance against testing for COVID-19 antibodies.

To summarize, the mRNA vaccine is a very unstable vaccine. Millions of doses are being administered by people with variable technical skills and in very different settings. It’s a certainty that a fraction of the doses going into arms are spoiled and ineffective.

Every individual American deserves to know if a product they are choosing to expose themselves to, some at risk of coercion, is effective and has done for them what it is billed to do.

FDA’s May 19th guidance discouraging Americans from determining whether their vaccine shots have worked for them says it all….My bet: the Biden administration knows that a substantial number of the mRNA vaccine doses are spoiled and ineffective by the time they hit our arms — but they don’t want us to know.

Let us demand that our federal government behave more rationally and safely than it has been when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine. The mRNA vaccine is a serious defensive weapon against COVID-19…But only if it’s not spoiled before it goes into our bodies and only if it’s administered to people who are not already immune from a natural infection.

Hooman Noorchashm MD, PhD is a physician-scientist. He is an advocate for ethics, patient safety and women’s health. He and his 6 children live in Pennsylvania.