Are You COVID-Recovered, Already Immune And Being Required To UndergoVaccination? Your Congressional Representatives Need To Hear Your Voice Immediately.

If you are COVID-recovered and already immune, and if you are being coerced or forced into getting the COVID-19 vaccine by your employer or educational institution, your congressional Representative and US Senator Ron Johnson need to hear from your immediately.

Senior US Senator Ron Johnson is advocating for the rights and safety of COVID-recovered Americans as it relates to irrational and potentially unsafe COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Senator Johnson announced that he is, himself, COVID-recovered and well immune and on that basis has elected to delay or forego vaccination.

Dear Friend,

Millions of Americans are currently COVID-recovered and already immune. It is a safe bet that around 30% of Americans are in this category.

Powerful epidemiological studies are demonstrating that such people are equally, and even more robustly immune to COVID-19 infection than persons who are “fully vaccinated”.

Unfortunately, many such COVID-recovered and already immune Americans are being forced, coerced and shamed into undergoing vaccination by their employers, educational institutions — and even family and friends. This discriminatory behavior is being stoked and encouraged by incorrect regulatory guidance coming from the CDC regarding vaccination of COVID-recovered and already immune Americans. Tragically, most American physicians and immunologists are captured and silent in the face of establishment corruption.

If you are one of these millions of COVID-recovered and already immune Americans being forced, coerced or shamed into getting a COVID-19 vaccine against your will or better judgement, this letter and call to action is directed at you.


It is critical that your voice and story is heard by your congressional representatives in the US House of Representatives and the US Senate.

In Congress, senior Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is the tip of spear and the lead US Senator advocating for your rights and safety. Please understand that because of his courageous advocacy, this US Senator is being demonized and slandered by the establishment power structure and by the main stream media.

I ask that you empower Senator Johnson’s position with your voice directed at Congress.

Senator Johnson has previously announced, himself, that he is COVID-recovered and immune — and has therefore, elected to forego COVID-19 vaccination at the moment. I know that he believes that all COVID-recovered and already immune Americans should be able to make a similar personal choice. I agree with him and I know many thousands of Americans like him, like you, agree too.

Therefore, I ask that you please immediately write your story of COVID-recovery and your grievance about forced or coerced vaccine requirements/mandates by your employer, educational institution or social gathering place to your and . You may find their email contact information and instruction for letter writing here:

IMPORTANT NOTE — It is imperative that your letter of grievance also be emailed to the office of Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson at the following addresses, in order that he an his staff can engage their colleagues — please include your state of residence and the names of your US Congressional Representative and US Senators to Mr. Johnson’s office:

Feel free to CC me as well at

Please understand that your voice is critically important to our nation’s health and that our government, despite all of its inefficiencies and confusion, was designed to hear your voice and act upon it. So, for you to remain silent and comply with federal edicts, is to disengage from the American democracy at a critical moment in our history.

I pray for your strength, I ask for your voice, and for your support of Senator Ron Johnson and his colleagues in bringing balance and reason to an increasingly authoritarian US federal government.

With respect, in friendship, and in defense of US public health,

Hooman Noorchashm MD, PhD.

Hooman Noorchashm MD, PhD is a physician-scientist. He is an advocate for ethics, patient safety and women’s health. He and his 6 children live in Pennsylvania.