A Letter to the Uninsured and Undocumented Suffering From COVID-19 Disease Without Access to Healthcare

The uninsured and the undocumented in America have little to no access to healthcare or any way to obtain the advice of a physician during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are the most susceptible to the deadly illness caused by COVID-19.

Dear friend,

I am writing this short letter to you, because I know that you are at much higher risk of becoming infected and sick with COVID-19 — and that you may not have access to any medical expertise.

If you are reading this letter, and if you or a loved on is sick with COVID-19 disease, I want you to know that I am available to talk to you about your illness and provide you with any help I can.

I do not charge any fee for my time, and your information will be totally confidential.

I want you to know that there are things you may be able to do, and inexpensive drugs you may be able to purchase from most pharmacies, that may help you recover from COVID-19 disease — so that you can hopefully avoid becoming hospitalized.

If you would like to speak with me, please send me an email at hooman@patientrights.org.

Hooman Noorchashm MD, PhD.

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