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US Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) is a rare voice of moderation, bipartisanship and decency in the United States Congress. BUT, he is also a former FBI agent and a fierce defender of the US national security. He understands sedition and crimes against the United States. But is he strong enough to resist partisanship now?

Honorable Congressman Fitzpatrick,

There are moments in the history of time when men and women of integrity and decency could come together to do right by the people of a nation and the world — and for the future’s sake. These moments are litmus tests of our characters.

The events of Wednesday 1/6/2021 pose precisely this scenario for you, as a member of the United States House of Representatives and as my family’s Representative in Congress.

When the man, named donald j. trump, the duly elected president of the United States, is so unhinged as to directly incite a violent mob of domestic terrorists to attack the United States Capitol building, in an attempt to subvert a US election, YOU MUST RISE IN DEFENSE! …

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Penn Nurses and other frontline providers are at much higher risk of being asymptomatic Carriers of the SARS-CoV-2 virus — in a setting where Pfizer and FDA excluded such subjects from the Safety trials of the novel COVID-19 Vaccine. This omission poses a safety risk to any Penn nurses and frontline providers who may be asymptomatic carriers.

Addendum: Following my initial publication of this open letter to HUP Nursing, I received an email from Dr. Bill Gruber, SVP of Pfizer’s vaccine development unit, on 12/14/2020. He informed me that the Phase 3 part of the Pfizer trial had, in fact, included about 300 asymptomatic carriers — and that these subjects did not develop serious adverse events. However, unfortunately, this number of subjects does not provide sufficient statistical power to detect a safety signal in the range of 1–5%. I believe that Dr. Gruber and the FDA leadership fully appreciate this scientific problem with the safety data. So, I proposed to Dr. Gruber that Pfizer and OWS ought to consider rapidly expanding into a Phase 1 trial in asymptomatic carriers — and in the meanwhile to provide any vaccine candidates with the option to be screened for COVID-19 prior to being vaccinated. …

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Leaders of the American free press are aware of a deadly strategic blunder on the part of Operation Warp speed and its leadership: The anemic focus on COVID-19’s “kill-mechanism” — hyperinflammation.

Friends to the public,

I am writing to you for your record, as leaders of America’s free press, to inform you about what is highly likely to be the gravest strategic blunder by Operation Warp Speed’s (OWS) therapeutic response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The consequence of the herein described error, and its continuation to date, has been and will be the continued deaths of thousands more American citizens and residents over the next several months to year, from COVID-19 disease.

The OWS blunder is simply this: that despite quite clear emerging clinical and scientific evidence regarding the inflammatory “kill-mechanism” activated by SARS-CoV-2, as early as March 2020, OWS’ strategic approach, functionally and fundamentally, ignored COVID-19 inflammation as a dominant target of therapeutic development and intervention. This is OWS’ single catastrophic strategic error that is continuing to compromise America’s health and national economic security during this pandemic.

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United States Senator Chuck Grassley (R-OH) has tested positive for COVID-19. By virtue of the age group to which he belongs, he is at extremely high risk of developing severe or critical COVID-19 disease or dying. It is my sincere hope that the senator is able to see that one of our most likely effective generic prescription drugs has been locked away in an artificial market silo by monied interests in Pharma — as America burns.

Honorable Senator Grassley,

I write this urgent letter to you in friendship, and in defense on the United States — and I write it in my capacity as an American physician, cellular immunologist and public health advocate.

I was extremely concerned, this morning, to read in the WSJ that you have contracted the COVID-19 infection.

As you know, because of your age, in the next several days you are at extremely high risk of becoming severely ill and hospitalized — your risk of mortality is unfortunately high. You have all of my prayers for a good recovery.

I feel obliged and compelled to inform you of a therapy that is not only highly likely to save your life, but is also very likely to protect a significant proportion of Americans, who are almost certainly scheduled to die from COVID-19 disease in the next several months. …

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The uninsured and the undocumented in America have little to no access to healthcare or any way to obtain the advice of a physician during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are the most susceptible to the deadly illness caused by COVID-19.

Dear friend,

I am writing this short letter to you, because I know that you are at much higher risk of becoming infected and sick with COVID-19 — and that you may not have access to any medical expertise.

If you are reading this letter, and if you or a loved on is sick with COVID-19 disease, I want you to know that I am available to talk to you about your illness and provide you with any help I can.

I do not charge any fee for my time, and your information will be totally confidential.

I want you to know that there are things you may be able to do, and inexpensive drugs you may be able to purchase from most pharmacies, that may help you recover from COVID-19 disease — so that you can hopefully avoid becoming hospitalized. …

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President Biden’s COVID-19 task force has an opportunity to recognize that the NIH’s therapeutic search response to COVID-19 has vastly underplayed the role of inflammation as COVID-19’s dominant “kill-mechanism”. At this late hour, this task force’s clarity on the role of inflammation in the thousands of American deaths daily, could balance our nation’s therapeutic approach to COVID-19 disease.

Honorable Mr. President and members of the Biden task-force,

I write this public letter to you on this November day, as yesterday our nation reached another tragic milestone during the COVID-19 pandemic: 180,000 new Americans infected in a single day!

I am writing to you as an American physician, a cellular immunologist and a public health advocate.

With this letter I am specifically informing you that our nation’s efforts against COVID-19 on the therapeutic front have been radically imbalanced away from anti-inflammatory drugs. This, despite the fact that the only partially effective therapeutic agent against COVID-19 is the anti-inflammatory drug, dexamethasone. …

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Cyclosporine is a widely available, inexpensive and generic anti-inflammatory drug that is highly likely to block progression of COVID-19 inflammation and would very likely prevent hospitalizations and critical illness in a majority of patients, if used.

It is November 2020. We do not have ANY effective, or reasonably effective, standard therapy for treatment of COVID-19 outpatients with worsening symptoms, who ultimately become hospitalized, or critically ill.

The United States is now out of time to perform the traditional pre-COVID randomized controlled clinical studies at pre-COVID speed.

We are out of time to generate data in traditional Phase 1, 2 and 3 clinical trials for use of generic anti-inflammatory agents against unremitting COVID-19 disease.

America’s public health leaders have wasted precious time, mainly focused on developing anti-viral agents, neutralizing antibodies and a vaccine — while ignoring COVID-19’s “kill mechanism”: T-cell and Macrophage Mediated Inflammation!

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Some of the faces of every day Americans tragically dead from COVID-19 disease — many more are scheduled to die over the next several months. Imagine, if these Americans had been given a choice to try reasonably safe and available generic therapies that are highly likely to block progression of COVID-19 disease, when they where still outpatients. Drugs like cyclosporine and fluvoxamine.

I ask the reader to please read this article in full — and to pass this information on to any persons who might be suffering from worsening COVID-19 disease, outside the hospital setting in the United States.

As cases of COVID-19 begin to surge across the United States this Fall and Winter, the fact is that the American public does not have access to any reasonable therapy to block disease progression in the outpatient setting.

This is because of a failure of our healthcare leadership to focus on blocking the inflammatory phase of COVID-19 disease, which is what lands patients in the hospital and in ICUs. …

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Dr. Fauci and his colleagues are still starstruck by their success with anti-replication agents against HIV/AIDS. But their prejudice in favor of anti-replication and viral neutralization agents has almost entirely foiled the search for an effective COVID-19 therapy. Because, COVID-19 disease is NOT HIV/AIDS. COVID-19 is, dominantly, an inflammatory disease.

I am a fan of Dr. Fauci’s. I respect his intellectual and personal qualities.

But, I also know that it is highly likely that a dangerous scientific prejudice he holds is responsible for foiling our nation’s ability to quickly achieve an effective therapy for COVID-19 disease.

Let me explain.

The only partially effective therapy we currently know of, for treatment of COVID-19 disease, is the anti-inflammatory steroid, dexamethasone.

COVID-19 disease is, in fact, an inflammatory disease.

Specifically, the SARS-CoV-2 virus triggers an inflammatory response in the patient, which seems to affect many organ systems.

But when the COVID-19 inflammation severely affects the lungs and blood vessels, it can cause respiratory failure and life-threatening blood clots. This is how the infection is able to kill somewhere around 2–5% of those it infects — at the tune of 250,000 Americans dead so far. …

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Over the past week, South Korea has reported 59 deaths associated with that nation’s 2020 Influenza vaccine program. This is a concerning and unusual signal in the vaccine space. Though that nation’s public health agency has denied that these deaths were related to usual vaccine related complications, it remains unclear if any of the deceased were carriers of COVID-19. It is critical for S. Korea to immediately determine if the unfortunate deceased were infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, specifically at the time of their death, at any higher rate than is seen in that country’s general population.

The annual Flu vaccine is a critically important public health need.

It is absolutely imperative that as many people as possible undergo Flu vaccination each year, globally.

Before I continue, I want to be emphatic, that the warning herein is NOT intended to discourage Influenza vaccinations in 2020. It is rather a call for caution and an invitation to consider the principles of immunology, in the face of this year’s historic pandemic virus related uncertainty. With millions of lives exposed, we must tread with caution and with intellectual acuity as professionals and citizens.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus causes COVID-19 disease by activating an inflammatory reaction. The COVID-19 inflammation seems to affect many different organs and tissues. The most critical organs that are affected seem to be the lungs and blood vessels — because when the inflammation goes out of control in these tissues, the patients can get critically ill or die from respiratory failure or thromboembolic events like stroke, heart attack and pulmonary embolism. …


Hooman Noorchashm

Hooman Noorchashm MD, PhD is a physician-scientist. He is an advocate for ethics, patient safety and women’s health. He and his 6 children live in Pennsylvania.

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